Soothed - Skin Friendly Tonic

Soothed - Skin Friendly Tonic


 What the hay is tonic even for?? 

Soothed tonic is a life-saver for dealing with inflammation. If you get blemishes on your bikini-line, or anywhere on your skin, this product is for you!

Hair removal can leave behind empty hair follicles where bacteria can love to live. Soothed is a delightfully refreshing disinfectant that jumps in first to make sure bacteria won't want to find a home there. The results - smooth, blemish and irritation-free skin that you'll totally be feeling yourself in. 

Wherever you've got blemishes or irritation, give a spritz of Soothed.

After waxing, sugaring or shaving, give a spritz of Soothed.

Bring the spa to your home ;).