"YA FEEL ME?" Sugar Shop's Skin Lovin' Line

These 100% natural products are all you will ever need to take your skin from "ya it's alright" to "daymn I feel glorious!". 

We are here for you if you shave, wax, sugar or go au-natural with your body hair - and so are these products!

They are great for hair removal before and aftercare, and just great for your skin in general. We've got thirst quenchers (Hydrated + Nourished), refreshing blemish/irritation eliminators (Soothed), drying powder (Dusted), cleanser (Cleansed) and more!

Let's not forget the flagship product that started it all - Strip Sugared - our at-home sugaring kit that's rocked the hair removal scene since we launch it a year ago. 

Welcome to your skin-lovin life.