SugarSMAC Sugar Paste

SugarSMAC Sugar Paste


Available in Classic, Strip Sugar, Firm, Lush and Ultra-Lush


Classic Sugaring Paste is SugarSMAC’s ‘Go To’ paste, and the favourite among our clients. It is softer and more pliable than Firm and can be used on any body part.



Firm Sugaring Paste is a dryer, stiffer paste designed for absorbing moisture on areas of the body that are prone to perspire. Perfect for underarms and the bikini area. It is also a great option if Sugaring in a warmer environment.



Lush Sugaring paste is very soft and pliable, and is often the best sugaring paste in a cooler environment. It is excellent for legs and arms. A bit more challenging to work with, Lush is recommended for those technicians with experience and exceptional technique. For those who can handle it, Lush can make Sugaring feel effortless.


Ultra Lush

From time to time a sugarist will ask us for a paste even more lush than our Lush. To answer that call we created Ultra-Lush, and the results have exceeded expectations.