The best sugaring experience you’ll ever have

Hair removal doesn’t have to be scary. We’re sugaring experts and we want you to have an amazing sugaring experience.

Ready to get sugared?

Sugaring Menu

Full Leg $60
Half Leg $35
Full Arm $33
Half Arm $23
Underarm $17
Lip or Chin $13
Lip & Chin $18
Brow Clean Up $15
Bikini $20+
Brazilian $42
Male Brazilian $85**
Back or Chest $40

Pre Treatment Advice (24hrs)

Do not exfoliate
Do not apply any creams, oils or deodorants
Do not shave/trim area to be treated
Do use a pain reliever or numbing cream 30-40 minutes prior

Post Treatment Advice (24hrs)

No Sex  🙁 (Brazilian Only)
No Swimming
No Hot Tubs/Baths
No Saunas
No Working Out
No Exfoliating
Wear white cotton over treated area
Apply a cold compress and/or take an antihistamine as needed

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